A Week is a Long Time in Manchester – a Silver Lining

Diabetes Cloud Silver Lining

Seven days ago none of us could have guessed what was going to happen in the next week.

I had no idea that twenty two mostly young people, who were full of life and future prospects, would no longer be with us.

It has to have been one of the saddest weeks in Manchester’s long and chequered history.

Despite the incredible sadness I wanted to take something positive from the recent events.

The Silver LiningDiabetes Cloud Silver Lining

I always watch the London marathon and today, Sunday, I watched the Manchester run and what a boost that was.

I must confess that my weight loss attempts have gone in the bin over the last few weeks but watching the efforts of the runners and their great humour has set me back on the path to giving my diabetes a hard time.

Everyone of us can get inspiration from the events of the last week in May.

All that moaning about our diabetes and trying to improve our diet is trivia compared to the future facing many of the weeks victims and their families.

Renewed Enthusiasm

So what has it to do with all of us?

Well from my pint of view, for a long time now, I’ve known that it’s your mindset that makes all the difference.

That’s why watching the good humored determination in Manchester today has rekindled my determination to get on and fight to reverse my Diabetes.

So to start with I’m off to weigh myself.

I’m not looking forward to this but it’s the starting point for getting back on the wagon.

Join me

Up until now my blog has been kind of factual and a bit sciency ( spell check says no such word) but now I want to introduce the personal level.

I’m going to be sharing what I’ve tried and the results that I get.

In other words I’m off on a road to try and reverse my diabetes and I want you to come with me.

There is no doubt that I will fall off the proverbial wagon but that’s only human.

It’s how you get back on that counts.

After the events of the last week I’m glad to alive and reasonably well.

I owe it those less fortunate than me to make the absolute best of it.

I also draw on the inspiration of the runners and the spirit of other Mancunians and people everywhere who have contributed positively during the last week.


Time to weigh in and get on with it.

But the lessens of this week, from the tragedy of the start to the magnificent spirit of the end, will stay with me and help fuel my determination.

I hope that it will help you on your way.

Talk again soon

In fond memory of those we lost and all those who have suffered. Manchester, May 2017



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