To Start at the Beginning

It was a Thursday and nothing much happens on a Thursday.

I was sat in my little office. I worked for myself at that time some seven years ago.

For the two weeks leading up to this day I had been feeling rough.

Just walking up a slight incline was giving my an uncomfortable sensation in my chest. I had convinced myself that it was indigestion and was eating quite large quantities of those minty indigestion things that rhyme with pennies.

It had even got to the point on the previous Monday where I had gone to the doctors.

He gave me an ECG but found nothing. I left armed with a nitro spray and the strict instructions that if the pain did not go after five puffs I was to go straight to hospital.

Thursday was a Bad Day

As the day went on the pain grew worse.

I am sure that by now you have guessed what came next. By mid afternoon I could not stand the pain so I asked my wife to pack a bag for me and drive me to hospital.

I am forever indebted to her for the speed of that journey although had I not been having a heart attack when we set off, then I would have had one by the time we got there.

All I can remember thinking was No! I can’t be having a heart attack on a Thursday.

I’ve still not managed to work out what would be a good day to have one.

At the A&E it was confirmed, it was a heart attack and for the first time in my life I was kept in hospital.

Eventually I had a stent placed in my heart and was sent home to recover.

More bad news

Some weeks after my hospitalisation I had to go to the doctors for a check up and to be given the medication that would be with me for a long time.

Whilst I was there blood test and blood pressure were done and an appointment made to go back for the results.

Wow I had a blood pressure that could have killed a horse and a further shock to add it.

I was Type 2 Diabetic. Whatever that was.

I decided that I would fight it head on, have you ever heard that one before.

Now 7 Years Later

I am finally getting round to doing it.

All those wonderful things like losing weight, taking exercise and eating well.

I’m actually starting to do them. But not before I have accumulated an impressive list of symptoms , complaints and problems.

Now I am tackling my demons and I’m going to tell everyone how I get on and what works for me.

In addition I will be talking to many other sufferers to find out what floats their boat and I hope that you will be one of them.

So lets go

This was only meant to be a short introductory post as I have lots to share so I’m of to test and record and also to write up all my finding to date.

I would really like you to follow the blog and if possible share your experiences.

Diabetes is so much easier when you can share your story and possibly help others who are where you were.

Lets go



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