Diabetic Diet Food List – For Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

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Although I have many recipes to share I thought a simple Diabetic Diet Food List would be helpful.

It’s short enough to stick on the fridge or carry with you when shopping.

A fully comprehensive list would be enormous but if you are familiar with this short version you can apply the principles to any food that you come across.

Each list is accompanied by a short video of about 10 minutes as I know time is always valuable

The Diabetic Diet Food List​

  Food to Enjoy

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Beans ( not baked beans unless low sugar)





Chicken & Turkey



Milk & Yogurt


Seeds (pumpkin, sesame etc)


Olive Oil

Peanut Butter

Whole Grain Bread

Sweet Potatoes

Food to Avoid

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​Breakfast Cereal- Frosted, Chocolate


Coffee Drinks

Biscuits (unless diabetic)

Sausage Gravy ( high fat)

Fish & Chips ( shop bought)

Fruit Juice Beverages

Deep Fried Chinese Starters

Cinnamon Rolls

French Fries ( bought)

Cookies unless Diabetic friendly

Fried Chicken

Purchased Pies

Commercial Smoothies



Frozen Meals

Bought Cakes

Flavoured water and cordial


Milk shakes

If like me you find this a bit daunting please remember that many of the foods on the "Avoid" list can now be bought in a diabetic low sugar form.

Although there's never a good time to be diagnosed ass type 2 Diabetic we are fortumate that there are more diabetic friendly foods and products than ever before.

It's just a matter of being aware and questioning everything.

Good luck with your diet and please let me know if you find any really good and tasty diabetic meals and treats.

Happy eating



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